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What To Expect

Not too long ago you probably hadn’t thought much about post mastectomy care and all that it entails. But now, you have quickly entered the medical world, likely with your head spinning and lots of questions. We understand this is a challenging time for you as you deal with surgery recovery and wondering where to go from there. Claudia, our mastectomy fitter, has gone through special training and has 18 years of medical experience dealing with a wide range of issues and needs. She has worked with many women who have had lumpectomies, mastectomies, and reconstruction that did not totally meet expectations.
In order to help demystify the post mastectomy process, we wanted to explain the basic steps. Following surgery, usually your doctor’s nurse or the nurse navigator will recommend calling for an appointment. When your surgeon releases you, he or she will normally give you a prescription that specifies what type of garments and breast forms you need to restore body symmetry.
Typically, you are ready to be measured for your post-mastectomy garments and breast forms 4-6 weeks following surgery after drain tubes have been removed and the drainage and swelling has subsided. Some women who have a more pressing need, such as returning to work, may choose to be fitted more quickly. The decision is yours. On your initial visit, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and express your concerns. We try to provide a reassuring atmosphere where you feel comfortable and confident. Our commitment is to allow you to voice your concerns and needs so when the fitting process is completed, you will be happy and pleased with the results.

Your First Appointment

Please bring the prescription the doctor gave you along with your insurance card, which we will copy for billing your insurance company. You may come alone or bring someone with you if you would feel more comfortable.
Your consultation and personal fitting will take place in a pleasant, private room set up specifically for this purpose.
Wear a top or shirt that can easily be removed. After proper measuring and discussing your desires, lifestyle, and physical attributes, we will offer the appropriate garments and breast forms for you to choose from. We have quite a variety of products in stock so you can see and feel the bras and breast forms that are available on the market today. We use companies such as Amoena and Trulife that follow current styles and colors to meet your lifestyle.
If we have all your necessary information and have the size/style you desire in stock, you can go home with the items you selected. If items need to be ordered, they usually arrive within 1-2 weeks.
Besides post-mastectomy bras and breast prostheses, we can help you with swim forms, camisoles, and even swimsuits.


Most insurance companies provide adequate coverage for mastectomy products. Part of our job is to help you determine what coverage is available on your particular plan.
Medicare, Medicaid, Premera, and most private insurance companies do cover most Mastectomy products.
There are some items, such as bathing suits, that are not covered. Some products may be more expensive than what the insurance allows, but you will be informed of this at the time when you are choosing your products. In any case, all insurance billing will be handled by our trained billing staff so you do not have to worry about paperwork.
Most insurance companies allow a breast prosthesis every 2 years after your initial purchase and bras every year with the covered amount varying by insurance company.

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